Sunday, September 5, 2010

Style icon of the week - David Bowie

Well this next style icon does not need any introduction and in all honesty any extra word will just get in the way.....For me he is more like the style icon of a generation (or i should say of few generations...) than the week....David Bowie for me is one of the best musicians, artists, style icons and personalities out there (after all he is British......).....for a guy who influenced the world of music and fashion the way he did its kind of hard to decide what to concentrate on, so i decided to post the Bowie that i like which is the tailored Bowie, the cleaner and sharper one who is in suits, jackets and coats rather than the earlier avant-garde /theatrical outfits he sported back in the day....although i do like some of the suits and jackets with the big shoulders and big lapels he wore back than as well so i included some of these as well.... scroll and enjoy! much more photos after the jump.....

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